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Molecular deposition process grinding patent

US2976169A US714688A US71468858A US2976169A US 2976169 A US2976169 A US 2976169A US 714688 A US714688 A US 714688A US 71468858 A US71468858 A US 71468858A US 2976169 A US2976169 A US 2976169A Authority US United States Prior art keywords tin strip deposition used immersion Prior art date 19580212 Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal

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    he proposed process bining Nibased CBN raining codeposition and rotary wire spark erosion with oneoff grinding is a simple inexpensive and autonomous method The finished biochip made of PMMA has been successfully applied in clinical trial for the microscopic examination of human urine sediment cells it is expected that the hybrid

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    Advanced Concepts for Hydrogen Storage John J Petrovic Materials Science and Technology Division Patent Filing WO0185606 May 2001 McGill University BN nanotubes synthesized through a chemical vapor deposition process by pyrolyzing a BNO precursor at 1730oC in a


    ADVANCES IN ETCH AND DEPOSITION TECHNOLOGIES FOR 25 AND 3D BEOL PROCESSING Keith Buchanan Dave Thomas cause issues with subsequent process steps After grinding the silicon is dry etched in a process that patent applied for

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    he rst patent for the development of the nitriding process was applied for in March 1908 in Elizabeth NJ The patent was nally approved in June 1913 some ve years after the initial application Machlet had been working for a number of years on the process prior to his patent application Chapter 1 An Introduction to Nitriding 3

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    he obviousness of the alleged invention of the Farmer Brothers patent is confirmed by General Foods prior use of a process at its Houston plant in the early 1950s where chaff was pelletized and the resulting pellets were reintroduced for grinding with the whole roasted coffee beans

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    Atomic Layer Deposition An Overview research effort focusing on atomic layer deposition ALD and molecular layer deposition MLD This research is examining new surface chemistries The ALD process is also dominated by surface reactions Because the surface reactions are

  • Atomic Layer Deposition Wikipedia

    Atomic layer deposition ALD is a thinfilm deposition technique based on the sequential use of a gas phase chemical process it is a subclass of chemical vapour majority of ALD reactions use two chemicals called precursors react with the surface of a material one at a time in a sequential selflimiting manner

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Wake Forest University

    Deposition can also take place due to a chemical reaction between some reactants on the substrate In this case reactant gases precursors are pumped in to a reaction chamber reactor Under the right conditions T P they undergo a reaction at the substrate One of the products of the reaction gets deposited on the substrate

  • CPC Definition United States Patent And Trademark

    Patent documents often lists whole series of materials which can be grown as crystals The classifier should provide the appropriate classification symbol under C30B 2900 for those materials grown as crystals in the examples and any mentioned in the claims Where a whole series is mentioned without emphasis on one particular material for example GaAs GaInAs InAs GaAlAs GaN InN AlN etc


    ools for grinding buffing or sharpening specially designed for a particular purpose which purpose is provided for in a single other place are classified in that place eg B23F 2102 WARNING In this subclass nonlimiting references in the sense of paragraph 39 of the Guide to the IPC may still be displayed in the scheme


    he formation of silicon oxide layers is classified in this group regardless of the precursor or of the process of formation in case of explicit statements on doping on restgroups or on material ponents see H01L 2102126 and subgroups deposition of silicon oxide from organic precursors without further statements on film position is

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    A rsable grinding tool consisting of a replaceable single layer of abrasive particles intimately bonded to a precisely configured tool substrate and a process for manufacturing the grinding tool The tool substrate may be ceramic or metal and the abrasive particles are

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    he US Patent Office says that the patent it issued in 1950 differed from the earlier patent in that the Roux reaction was spontaneous and plete while the Brenner and Riddell process was a controlled catalytic process so that deposition occurred only on catalytic surfaces immersed in the bath

  • Electroplating Wikipedia

    Electroplating is a process that uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a thin coherent metal coating on an electrode The term is also used for electrical oxidation of anions on to a solid substrate as in the formation of silver chloride on silver wire to

  • Electrostatic Deposition Process Free Patents Onli

    Dec 31 2002The only difference is that in the process according to the invention the grain had received a coating of 005 by weight of TS530 silica This was one of the products used to generate the data in FIGS 3 and 4 The parative process used the same grain but without the silica coating and the identical deposition conditions

  • EP1192453A1 Molecular And Atomic

    EP1192453A1 EP00943112A EP00943112A EP1192453A1 EP 1192453 A1 EP1192453 A1 EP 1192453A1 EP 00943112 A EP00943112 A EP 00943112A EP 00943112 A EP00943112 A EP 00943112A EP 1192453 A1 EP1192453 A1 EP 1192453A1 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords aperture polymer polymer molecule method apparatus Prior art date 19990622 Legal

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    olecular Layer Deposition MLD which is equivalent in concept apart from the process sequentially deposits monomers can similarly deposit polymers such as polyamides polyureas polyesters etc The tunability of the ALDMLD process also allows for multilayers or different materials plex pounds hybrid organic and inorganic materials


    this process to continue building on the substrate with the same crystallographic orientation with the substrate If an amorphouspolycrystalline substrate surface is used the film will also be amorphous or polycrystalline An advantage of epitaxy is the high growth rate of material 100m Silicon Wafer Processing

  • How Does Molecular Beam Epitaxy Work Explain That

    Oct 28 2018John Arthurs original MBE patent for which hes listed as the sole inventor includes a detailed description of the process and six different examples of how it can be used US Patent 3666553 Method of Growing Compound Semiconductor Films on an Amorphous Substrate by John R Arthur and Francis J Morris Bell Laboratories

  • Intrepid XP Epitaxy

    Innovative closed loop reactor control technology that enables optimal within wafer and wafertowafer process performance Up to four Intrepid process modules can be configured together on ASMs mon XP cluster platform to increase productivity Integrated preclean using ASM Previum process module is available for preepi surface

  • Layerbylayer Assembly For Biomedical Applications

    deposition step the substrates are rinsed in a washing solution mainly in distilled water Then after deposition of each layer the substrate is immersed into the washing solution and dried under a nitrogen or air ow The roughness thickness and porosity of the scaffolds can be tuned at the molecular level

  • Patenting Genes What Does Association For Molecula

    Patenting Genes What Does Association for Molecular Pathology v Although the actions described in the patents are part of the process of Myriads BRCA12 testing it is important to note that Myriads patents did not cover any unique testing methods Association for Molecular Pathology v United States Patent and Trademark Office

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    DOE Patents Patent Process for the preparation of organoclays Process for the preparation of organoclays surface modifying agents onto the clay by adsorption andor to produce highly dispersed organoclays without excessive grinding or high shear dispersion portion of the fibrous preform occurs throughout the deposition process

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    ar 29 1994This object is achieved by a process for the production of polyacrylic acids and copolymers of acrylic acid respectively with up to 50 mol of onomers which measured at a pH of 80 have a molecular weight of less than 100000 and

  • Rom 3D To 2D A Review Of The Molecular Imprinting

    olecular imprinting has been extensively reviewed in both the periodic press 7 1013 and in a series of books 1417 and the number of original articles and patents have continued to increase However despite the current good health of molecular imprinting in general the mercially important subdiscipline of protein imprinting remains underdeveloped and remains largely in its

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    Oct 22 1991A rotary diamond tool for truing a grinding wheel prising one or two circular vapordeposited base plates each having a thin diamond layer formed by a vapor deposition process such as electron assisted chemical vapor deposition or direct current plasma chemical vapor deposition

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